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Phara Heritage Society

We are extremely proud to be a part of the Phara Heritage Society and hope to be a vital part of 'carrying the torch' forward for Annette and her Phara Farm Arabians.

The Phara Heritage Society was created as an organization to celebrate the Phara horses, not only for those who love and appreciate 100% Phara horses, but ALL horses containing any percentage of Phara blood.

The classic descendants of Lewisfield Sun God have long been out of the spotlight, but have never lost their enchantment!

Crabbet Arabian Horses

We are very excited not only to announce the re-launch of the all new website, but also the launch of a brand new publication dedicated to the Crabbet heritage in Arabian horses and to the preservation breeding of pure Crabbet Arabians, Crabbet-related Arabians, and CMK Arabian horses. We feel honored and privileged to be at the ‘ground floor’ of what we hope will gain a number of new supporters and its own momentum as more people learn about the incredible influence that Crabbet Arabians have made in shaping the breed.

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